About us

Hangzhou Hengli transmission parts Co., Ltd. was established on November 15, 2006, and its registered office is located in Zhejiang, China. The business scope includes general items: Sales of high-speed precision gear transmission device; sales of mechanical equipment; wholesale of hardware products; retail of hardware products; sales of daily necessities; sales of daily masks (non-medical); sales of class I medical devices; sales of class II medical devices; sales of gear transmission equipment and accessories, chain transmission equipment, belt transmission equipment, reducer, vacuum pump Wholesale and retail of electrical equipment (except for the items that need to be approved according to law, they shall independently carry out business activities according to law with their business license). Licensed items: import and export of goods; import and export of drugs (items that need to be approved according to law can be operated only after being approved by relevant departments, and the specific business items shall be subject to the approval results).