Drive chain for commercial laundry equipment

Drive Chain for Commercial Laundry Equipment

Drive Chain for Commercial Laundry Equipment


Drive chain is an essential component of commercial laundry equipment. It ensures that the machine’s various parts are synchronized and operating smoothly. In this article, we will delve deeper into the world of drive chains for commercial laundry equipment, exploring their types, applications, maintenance and more.

Types of Drive Chains

Roller Chain

Roller chain is the most commonly used type of drive chain in commercial laundry equipment. It consists of a series of connected rollers that engage with the machine’s sprockets. Roller chains come in various sizes and pitches, making them ideal for different applications.

Leaf Chain

Leaf chain is another type of drive chain used in commercial laundry equipment. It is designed to handle heavy loads and is commonly used in applications where roller chains cannot withstand the stress. Despite its strength, leaf chain is flexible and durable, making it ideal for laundry equipment.

Bush Chain

Bush chain is a simple type of drive chain that uses cylindrical bushings to connect the chain’s inner and outer links. It is commonly used in machines that require high-speed and low-torque.

Applications of Drive Chains

Washing Machines

Drive chains are essential components of washing machines, ensuring that the different parts of the machine are synchronized. The chains are responsible for moving the drum, agitator, and other components of the machine. Roller chains are commonly used in washing machines due to their versatility and reliability.


Drive chains are also used in dryers, where they are responsible for spinning the drum and moving the clothes around. The chains are designed to withstand the high temperatures and heavy loads associated with drying laundry. Leaf chains are commonly used in dryers for their strength and durability.

Maintenance of Drive Chains

Maintaining drive chains is crucial to ensure that commercial laundry equipment functions efficiently and safely. Proper maintenance can also extend the life of the chains, reducing the need for costly repairs and replacements. Maintenance activities should include regular lubrication, inspection, and adjustment of the chains.


1. What is a cotter type chain?

A cotter type chain is a type of drive chain that uses cotter pins to connect the chain’s inner and outer links. It is commonly used in power transmission applications where high strength and reliability are required. For more information, visit

2. Can I use any type of drive chain in my commercial laundry equipment?

No, it is important to select the appropriate type of drive chain for your equipment based on factors such as load capacity, speed, and application. Using the wrong type of chain can result in poor performance, damage to the machine, and risk to personnel.

3. How often should I lubricate my drive chain?

It is recommended to lubricate the drive chain every 100 hours of operation to ensure optimal performance and reduce wear and tear.

4. What is the recommended tension for drive chains?

The recommended tension for drive chains varies depending on the application and type of chain. However, in general, the chain should have a slight amount of slack to prevent excessive wear and tear.

5. How often should I replace my drive chain?

The frequency of drive chain replacement depends on several factors such as usage, load capacity, and maintenance. However, as a general rule of thumb, drive chains should be replaced every 10,000 hours of operation or sooner if signs of wear and tear are present.


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