Drive chain for agricultural machinery

Drive Chain for Agricultural Machinery

Drive Chain for Agricultural Machinery

Drive Chain


When it comes to agricultural machinery, the drive chain is an essential component that enables the machine to carry out its functions effectively. It is a chain that transmits power from the engine to the wheels or tracks, allowing the machine to move forward. In this article, we will discuss the different types of drive chain used in agricultural machinery, their importance, and maintenance.

Roller Chain

The most common type of drive chain used in agricultural machinery is the roller chain. It consists of a series of interconnected rollers that engage with sprockets to transmit power from the engine to the wheels or tracks. The roller chain is durable and can withstand heavy loads, making it suitable for use in agricultural machinery.

Engineering Plastic Chain

Another type of drive chain that has gained popularity in recent years is the engineering plastic chain. This chain is made of plastic and can be used in applications where traditional roller chains cannot be used. Engineering plastic chains are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and low maintenance, making them an excellent choice for agricultural machinery operating in harsh conditions.

Chain Maintenance

The drive chain in agricultural machinery is subjected to harsh working conditions, and therefore, it is essential to carry out regular maintenance to ensure its longevity and optimal performance. Some maintenance practices include lubrication, tensioning, and inspection for wear and tear. Regular maintenance not only improves the life of the chain but also enhances the safety of the operator.

Cotter Type Chain

One type of chain that is not commonly used in agricultural machinery is the cotter type chain. This chain is mostly used in bicycles and motorbikes. However, it can also be used in some agricultural machinery applications. The cotter type chain is easy to assemble and disassemble, making it ideal for situations where frequent replacement of the chain is necessary. If you want to learn more about the cotter type chain, follow this link.


Q1: How often should I conduct maintenance on my drive chain?

A: It is recommended that you carry out maintenance on your drive chain every six months. However, if you operate your agricultural machinery in harsh conditions, it is advisable to carry out maintenance more frequently.

Q2: How can I tell if my drive chain needs lubrication?

A: Signs that your drive chain needs lubrication include excessive noise when operating the machinery, the chain becoming stiff, and abnormal wear on the sprockets and chain.

Q3: Can I use the same chain for different agricultural machinery?

A: It is not advisable to use the same chain for different agricultural machinery. Different machines have different operating conditions, and therefore, require different types of chains.

Q4: What is the lifespan of a drive chain?

A: The lifespan of a drive chain depends on the operating conditions of the machinery. A well-maintained chain can last for several years, while a poorly maintained chain may only last a few months.

Q5: How do I know which type of chain to use for my agricultural machinery?

A: The type of chain to use depends on the operating conditions of the machinery. You should consult with a professional to determine the best chain to use for your specific application.



Drive chains play a critical role in the operation of agricultural machinery. Choosing the right chain and carrying out regular maintenance can enhance the efficiency and safety of the machinery. Our company offers a wide range of chain products, including drive chain, bush chain, mill chain, leaf chain, conveyor chain, and cotter type chain. We have state-of-the-art production and assembly equipment, ensuring that our products are of high quality. Contact us today for customized chain solutions!


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