Drive chain for motorcycle drag racing

Drive Chain for Motorcycle Drag Racing


Motorcycle drag racing is a popular and exciting sport that requires high-performance equipment. One of the most crucial components is the drive chain. A drive chain is responsible for transmitting power from the engine to the rear wheel. In this article, we will explore the different types of drive chains used in motorcycle drag racing and their advantages.

Types of Drive Chains

Roller Chain

The roller chain is the most commonly used type of drive chain in motorcycle drag racing. It features a simple design and is highly reliable. Roller chains are available in different sizes and strengths, making them suitable for various racing applications.

O-Ring Chain

O-Ring chains are similar to roller chains but feature rubber O-rings that seal lubrication inside the chain. This design helps to reduce friction and extend the life of the chain. O-ring chains are ideal for high-performance applications where a durable and low-maintenance chain is needed.

X-Ring Chain

X-ring chains are an advanced version of O-ring chains. They use X-shaped rings to seal lubrication inside the chain, which helps to reduce friction and increase power transfer efficiency. X-ring chains are the preferred choice for professional motorcycle drag racing teams.

Advantages of Using High-Performance Drive Chains

Increased Power Transfer Efficiency

High-performance drive chains are designed to minimize power loss and maximize power transfer efficiency. This means that more power is transmitted from the engine to the rear wheel, which results in faster acceleration and higher top speeds.

Improved Durability

High-performance drive chains are made from high-quality materials and are designed to withstand the extreme stress and loads that occur during motorcycle drag racing. This means that they last longer and require less maintenance than standard drive chains.

Increased Tension Control

High-performance drive chains feature tighter tolerances and better tension control than standard drive chains. This means that the chain stays in place during acceleration and deceleration, which improves stability and reduces the risk of chain derailment.


Q1. What is the maximum power that a high-performance drive chain can handle?

A1. The maximum power that a high-performance drive chain can handle depends on the chain’s size and strength. Generally, high-performance drive chains can handle up to 300 horsepower or more.

Q2. Can I use a standard drive chain for motorcycle drag racing?

A2. While it is possible to use a standard drive chain for motorcycle drag racing, it is not recommended. Standard drive chains are not designed to withstand the extreme loads and stresses that occur during racing, which increases the risk of chain failure and reduces performance.

Q3. How often do I need to replace my drive chain?

A3. The lifespan of a drive chain depends on various factors, such as the type of chain, the quality of the chain, and the conditions it’s exposed to. Generally, high-performance drive chains last longer and require less maintenance than standard drive chains. It’s recommended to replace your drive chain every 10,000-20,000 miles or as needed.

Q4. Can I use a larger or smaller drive chain to improve performance?

A4. It’s possible to use a larger or smaller drive chain to improve performance, but it’s not recommended. Changing the size of the drive chain can affect the overall gear ratio, which can result in reduced performance and increased wear on other components.

Q5. What is a cotter type chain?

A5. A cotter type chain is a type of drive chain that features cotter pins instead of rivets to connect the chain links. Cotter type chains are known for their easy assembly and disassembly, which makes them ideal for applications that require frequent maintenance. Learn more about cotter type chains here.

Drive Chain for Motorcycle Drag Racing

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