Drive chain for motorcycle racing performance

Drive Chain for Motorcycle Racing Performance

Drive Chain for Motorcycle Racing Performance

Drive Chain for Motorcycle Racing Performance


Motorcycle racing is a highly competitive sport that requires high-performance parts to compete at the highest level. The drive chain is a crucial component that connects the engine to the rear wheel, providing the power necessary to propel the motorcycle forward. In this article, we will explore the importance of choosing the right drive chain for motorcycle racing performance.

Chain Types

Drive Chain

The drive chain is the most common type of chain used in motorcycles. It is designed to transfer power from the engine to the rear wheel, and is often made of high-strength steel. It is important to choose a drive chain that is strong enough to handle the power output of the engine, while also being durable enough to withstand the stresses of racing.

Bush Chain

The bush chain is similar to the drive chain, but it has bushings between the links to reduce friction and wear. This type of chain is often used in high-speed applications where lubrication is difficult.

Mill Chain

The mill chain is used in heavy-duty applications, such as in the forestry and paper industries. It is designed to withstand high shock loads and resist stretching.

Leaf Chain

The leaf chain is used in lifting applications, such as forklifts and cranes. It is designed to handle high static and dynamic loads, and is often made of alloy steel for increased strength.

Conveyor Chain

The conveyor chain is used to move materials along a conveyor belt. It is designed to handle heavy loads and resist wear and tear.

Cotter Type Chain

The cotter type chain is similar to the drive chain, but it has cotter pins that hold the links together instead of rivets. This type of chain is often used in low-speed applications where disassembly is necessary.

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Drive Chain for Racing Performance

When it comes to motorcycle racing, every ounce of performance counts. Choosing the right drive chain can make a significant difference in lap times and overall performance. Factors to consider when selecting a drive chain include:

  • Material
  • Size
  • Strength
  • Weight
  • Durability


Q1: What materials are drive chains made of?

A1: Drive chains are typically made of high-strength steel alloys, such as chromoly or nickel-plated steel.

Q2: How do I know what size drive chain I need?

A2: The size of the drive chain is determined by the number of links. You can find the correct size by consulting the motorcycle’s owner’s manual or by contacting a reputable dealer.

Q3: Can I use a standard drive chain for racing?

A3: While a standard drive chain may work for some racing applications, a high-performance drive chain is recommended for optimal performance and durability.

Q4: How often should I replace my drive chain?

A4: The drive chain should be inspected regularly for wear and stretch. It is recommended to replace the chain every 10,000 miles or sooner if signs of wear are present.

Q5: Can I install a drive chain myself?

A5: While it is possible to install a drive chain yourself, it is recommended to have it installed by a professional mechanic to ensure proper alignment and tension.

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