Organofunctional Silane Coupling Agent Vinyltri Silane

Organofunctional Silane Coupling Agent Vinyltri  Silane

Vinyltri(2-methoxyethoxy)silane (CAS No. 1067-fifty three-4), silane coupling agent SCA-V71C, is a bifunctional organosilane possessing a reactive vinyl team and a hydrolyzable inorganic 2-methoxy-ethoxy-silyl team. The twin mother nature of its reactivity allows SCA-V71C to bind chemically to both inorganic supplies (e. G. Glass, metals, fillers) and organic polymers (e. G. Thermosets, thermoplastics, elastomers), thus operating as a crosslinking agent, adhesion promoter and/or surface modifier.
SCA-V71C is a colorless, lower-viscosity liquid with a typical fragrant odor.

Title Vinyltri(two-methoxyethoxy)silane
Synonyms (6-Ethenyl-six-(2-methoxyethoxy)-2, 5, seven, ten-tetraoxa-6-silaundecane Tris(2-methoxyethoxy)vinylsilane
Molecular Formulation C11H24O6Si
Molecular Bodyweight 280.39
CAS Registry Amount 1067-fifty three-four
EINECS 213-934-

Momentive (formerly OSi Specialties ) Silquest A-172
Dow Corning Z-172
ShinEtsu KBC-1003
EVONIK Degussa Dynasylan VTMOEO
Wacker GENIOSIL GF fifty eight

Density 1.033
Boiling point 285 C diploma
Refractive index one.427
Flash position ninety two C diploma
Water solubility REACTS

Vinyltri(2-methoxyethoxy)silane (CAS No. 1067-53-four), silane coupling agent SCA-V71C, is an crucial additive for a lot of apps. Illustrations are:
one. Emulsion polymerization: As a monomeric vinyl purposeful silane in vinyl, vinyl acrylic and acrylic resin, this vinyl silane can be additional as monomers in the course of emulsion in the course of polymerization to form silane modified latexes. The silane in such latexes functions as crosslinkers, forming quite stable Si-O-Si chain.
two. Silane crosslink polymers: This vinyl silane can also grafted to choose unsaturated polymers this sort of as PE, PET and Styrene-Butadiene co-polymer, through humidity heal mechanism. These vinyl silane crosslinked polymers signify very good resistant to large temperature and superb mechanic strength.
three. Adhesives, sealants and scorching soften: Outstanding adhesion to a broad variety of inorganic substrates such as steel, glass and concrete, the ideal resins consist of acrylic, vinyl and vinyl acrylic.
four. Polymer dispersions: Polymer dispersions (e. G. Styrene acrylics), modified with SCA-V71C present improved adhesion power in wet circumstances and damp scrub resistance.

Organofunctional Silane Coupling Agent Vinyltri  Silane


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