Drive chain for water treatment plant scrapers

Drive Chain for Water Treatment Plant Scrapers

Drive Chain for Water Treatment Plant Scrapers


A water treatment plant scraper is a crucial component of a water treatment system. It removes impurities and other undesirable materials from the water. The scraper is driven by a drive chain, which is responsible for providing the necessary power to move the scraper along the bottom of the sedimentation tank.

What is a Drive Chain?

A drive chain is a chain that transmits power from one shaft to another. In a water treatment plant scraper, the drive chain is responsible for transferring power from the motor to the scraper. Drive chains are commonly used in various industrial applications due to their high efficiency and reliability.

Types of Drive Chain

1. Roller Chain

Roller chains are the most common type of drive chain used in industrial applications. They are made up of rollers that are connected by pins and plates. Roller chains can handle heavy loads and are suitable for high-speed applications.

2. Silent Chain

Silent chains are similar to roller chains but are designed to reduce noise. They are commonly used in applications that require low noise and high efficiency.

3. Engineering Plastic Chain

Engineering plastic chains are made from plastic materials and are used in applications that require high corrosion resistance and low noise.

Benefits of Using Drive Chains in Water Treatment Plant Scrapers

Using a drive chain in a water treatment plant scraper offers several benefits:

  • High efficiency
  • Low maintenance
  • Reliability
  • Long service life
  • Ability to handle heavy loads

Application of Drive Chains in Water Treatment Plant Scrapers

Drive chains are commonly used in water treatment plant scrapers due to their high efficiency, reliability, and ability to handle heavy loads. In addition, drive chains are resistant to wear and corrosion, which makes them suitable for use in harsh industrial environments.

Cotter Type Chain

The cotter type chain is a type of drive chain that is commonly used in industrial applications. It is made up of cottered pins and plates that are connected by roller links. The cotter type chain is suitable for heavy-duty applications that require high strength and durability. Learn more about cotter type chain here.


1. How often should I replace the drive chain in my water treatment plant scraper?

The drive chain in your water treatment plant scraper should be replaced when it shows signs of wear or damage. Regular maintenance and inspection can help you identify when it is time to replace the chain.

2. What lubricant should I use for my drive chain?

The lubricant you use for your drive chain will depend on the type of chain you have and the operating conditions. It is best to consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for lubrication.

3. Can I use a silent chain in my water treatment plant scraper?

Yes, you can use a silent chain in your water treatment plant scraper. However, it is important to ensure that the chain is suitable for the application and operating conditions.

4. How do I know if my drive chain is properly tensioned?

You can check the tension of your drive chain by measuring the distance between two sprockets. The chain should be tight enough to prevent slack but not so tight that it binds.

5. Can I customize my drive chain to suit my specific requirements?

Yes, you can customize your drive chain to suit your specific requirements. Our company offers a range of drive chains, including custom-made chains that are tailored to your specific needs.

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